Let me take this oppertunity to welcome you all to our own school (Ascot High School)  online platform at "https://ascotvle.talsofts.com" . On behalf of the principal and board memebers we say many thanks to our Dean of Discipline, Mr. Tabert who have created this platform for all of us. 

Given our current status with this Covid 19 epedemic we are not sure if we will be able to meet face to face before the CSEC examination, hence this platform will be our main source of face to face interaction working out pass paper questions, watching interractive videos, doing quizzes and most importantly getting immediate feedback from both teacher and students. 

 Please take avantage of this grand opportunity that will only helped to reach one of  your goal, which is to be successfull in your external examination coming soon.

Mrs M. Field
( Head of Mathematices Department)

Welcome to Ascot High School  virtual learning platform have fun working Mathematics. 

By now you would have heard that you will be sitting only the Multiple Choice Examination for this year due to the virus outbrake globally. What does this mean for you is that you will have to start practicing questions for all the topics covered under the multiple choice. 

NB. Please do not take this examination slightly because its a multiple choice exam. You would have done an elearning practice on the computer earlier on this year in lab 2 and many of you were complaining that the exam was difficult. 

Well if that was just practice and you were all struggling it means therefore that you have a lot of work to do.

Hence we will be looking at questions from all 9 topics covered under the multiple choice

You are all expected to be in attendance for all your classes . 

Thank you all